Hyper-realistic oil painting art classes, an Asian art guide showcasing visual art now in realistic Oil Painting academic fine art painting curriculum base on Contemporary Classical Realism techniques both in basic and advanced art lessons in Still Life painting, Portrait painting, Hyper-realism art and their  impact on  Experimental art ,Abstract art and Installation art within in Singapore contemporary arts scene, visual art space and art culture

Red Gems, oil on canvas

Art Is Oil Paintings

Classical Realism Charcoal Drawing Classes Singapore,-Art in black and white, the bond between the artist and his creation and the reality behind dry mediums and materials that impact art in Charcoal Drawing techniques, a critical academic fine art study on contemporary drawing base on key Classical Realism art philosophies in drawing and painting culture around Asian art platforms.

La Marseillaise, Tête de Gaulois (Head of a Gaul), charcoal drawing on paper

Art Is Charcoal Drawings

Reaiistic Watercolour Painting lessons - Art, Image and Colour, the relationships between colour and image, paper and brush, artist and idea and the meaning of art through colour in Watercolour Painting techniques, including Hyper-realism and Photo-realistic depicted still-life within a studio academic fine art curriculum base on selected Classical Realism philosophies from varying schools of thought both in Singapore platform and Asian art stage

Still Life with Chinese Earthenware and Japanese Tea Cup, watercolour painting on paper

Art Is Watercolour Paintings

Photo-realistic and Hyper-realism Oil Painting classes, Art and image - a Singapore perspective on realism in South East Asian Art base on Classical Realism art philosophies in academic fine art painting curriculum and the influence of reality in art on contemporary painting techniques in Still Life, Portrait, Landscape and also the effect on art journals, visual diaries including visual travelogue photography centred on arts culture in Singapore.

Cherries, oil pigments on canvas

Art Is Hyper-Realism

Art Is

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art is simple. art is true. art is real. art is life.

Art is Simple - It is in the naturalness of life that we find Art exists within the simple and ordinary.

Art is True - Art reveals, Art describes the definitive nature of being, always genuine.

Art Is Real - It is in our sight, it is in our touch, it is in our thoughts, our senses and emotions that bring Art to life.

Art is Life - Art is living all around us, Art is everyday, everywhere, everyone and everything. Just take a breath.


Fundamental Realism Art Courses

Prerequisite: Anyone with an interest in developing proper fundamental skills in drawing and painting. No background in art is required.

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Art Is Gallery and Artist Studio from Singapore offers Foundational Art Courses that will broaden and simplify your understanding towards Art learning. Art classes in Charcoal Drawing and Oil Painting cover essential Basic and Advanced Art Fundamentals relevant to art approaches, methods and art materials, eventually leading to Art lessons related to the fields of Art study in Watercolour Painting, Mixed Media Art, Installation Art and Hyper-realism. These Art classes form the next pertinent course of Art Beyond Fundamentals.

Art enrichment course. Showcasing Singapore contemporary classical art academic studio practice in Charcoal Drawing and  academic fine art curriculum fundamental art classes. Coursework No.1. Artist: Xinlin

Charcoal Drawing Lessons

Drawing Essentials

The very essence of mastering art through Drawing lies in acquiring the skills and techniques required in Charcoal Drawing. Among all the dry mediums used for Drawing, Charcoal Drawing is the necessary basis for the entire scope of Art Fundamentals. Learning to draw with Charcoal enables you to amass the essential and broadest field of Art applications both in Basic and Advanced Art Fundamentals which requires using intuitive sensitivity towards Tonal Ranging, Sizing and Visual Depth Sensibilities. Art Is Art lessons in Charcoal Drawing helps actualize and epitomise every aspect of this course of Art study.

Student Artwork Course Details

Life-long learning art class. A look at visual arts centred on basic fine art oil painting classes academic studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture Coursework No.9. Artist: Karen

Oil Painting Lessons

Painting Essentials

Art in Oils provide a fundamental and unique insight into the world of colour. Herein lies the beauty and versatility in painting in Oils. Art Is Art classes in Oil Painting exemplifies this versatility by allowing artists in training to fully experience and master with relative ease the intricacies involved in Painting with Oils. Oil Painting more than any other wet medium opens up a greater understanding relevant to Painting in Colour due to its dexterity in allowing the Artist to engineer not only its drying time but also various paint layers so as to maximise competency in Colour Ranging.

Student Artwork Course Details

pen art. Art short courses for all ages. Adult art class in Singapore. Artist: Lai Khai Jin, Celeste

Pen Drawing Lessons

Line and Likeness

Pen drawing helps eacb individual to focus on the task of developing tonality through continuous line making. The basis of pen drawing is also to increase awareness of the layering and overlapping of lines creates volume. Most importantly the relationship between continuous line making and movement encourages a better understanding of adapting the form naturally through constant observations of changes in tone.

Student Artwork Course Details

Published Artists

A meaningful time tested curriculum base on Fluid · Organic · Creative · processes that have produced award winning and published artists like


Beyond Fundamentals Art Courses

Prerequisite: Completion of any one of the Fundamental Realism Art Courses.

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Art Is Natural

Sight is not a talent and for most of us it's a natural ability, describing what we see is a learned art. Drawing, Painting and expressing ourselves through Art is a matter of choice. Anyone can learn to paint; draw and make art. With the right attitude, a nurturing art space and the proper Art education, anyone can be an inspiring artist.

Talent does not belong to a select few but is inherent in all of us. Talent cannot be described as a singular element but a complete set of factors coming together, it is when life and art blends into each other. It is a matter of using the skills acquired and applying them correctly. It is also about the love for the path taken and the passion to endure it. Together with each individual's ability to express their own personalities in reaching out to people and communicating through their works, this is when talent happens.

Talent is first, an act of will and of the journey that is taken and using it to appreciate art, culture and life in others.

Art Is Gallery presents Contemporary Singapore Art that is firmly grounded in the pursuit of Realism and beauty through a natural, truthful and realistic depiction of local art, life and culture. Founded on these basic fine art principles comes visual art from Singapore deeply rooted in fine art Art Fundamentals in Realism. Classical Realism, Naturalism and Hyper-Realism art philosophies. Traditional and Contemporary Realism Art schools form a great deal of influence and emphasis on Art Is's Art and visual art development. Keeping in mind time honoured fine art methods from Renaissance Art and Realist Academies, Art Is Studio builds on these fundamental art techniques and studio practices with current improved visual art applications and fine art materials. It is through these Basic and Foundational Art Fundamentals that produces true to life works of Art. Only with these Basics in hand and together with current fine art trends prevalent in modern day contemporary arts scenes will we be able to build on the possibility of producing relevant and emotive Art from Realism to Hyper-realism right through to experimental arts in Abstraction, Mixed Media Art, Installation Art, Sculpture and Photography.

Art Is Gallery's collaboration with the Artist Studio makes it possible to help strengthen these effort in the visual arts by bringing to you relevant, intriguing and illuminating Art by offering simple art courses that is true to your natural strengths. Artist Studio believes that Art is Simple and in so embodies the simplicity of learning Visual Art by nurturing and deepening each visual artists's appreciation of the natural way to draw, paint and discover art. In using improved, updated and time tested fine art techniques of direct observation through sight sizing, sighting or relative sizing, Art Is Artist Studio wants to help develop and grow each artist's in training abilities of expression through both its Basic and Advance Foundational Art Courses. Our Art classes are conducive, Art lessons structured yet extremely intuitive and effective in its approach. Artist Studio embraces the simplicity of learning Art purely through direct observational and intuitive methods that will expand your natural skills and strengths.

Art Is Gallery introduces to you visual artists in training and artists whose visual arts centre on illustrating the necessary importance and understanding of Basic Art Fundamentals with highly realistic Charcoal Drawings, vibrantly detailed Oil Paintings and richly descriptive Watercolour Paintings. After which their Art journeys and explorations will lead them to also produce extremely sensitive surface manipulations in their Mixed Media work, an astute sense of visual space from their Installation Art and a definitive sensitivity towards visual depth and awareness in all aspects of Art styles and techniques starting from Realism to Abstract Art right down to Hyper-realism.

Latest Artworks

The original art featured in this website displays the patiently executed, highly detailed artworks created during the relevant course of study.

New Feature Art

Art Is Mindfulness

Art schools, art academies, studios and ateliers of the day have often strive to express Contemporary and Modern Art through conceptual art discourses and individual creative art expression. Art Is strives to strengthen on these schools of thought by building on techniques and influences improved from various academies of art in Naturalism, Classical Realist and Realist art school. Art Is Gallery and Artist Studio opens up your mind to proper Art education and appreciation through more emphasis on firm foundations in basic art fundamentals, techniques and art materials thus empowering you with the necessary skills to develop and create Contemporary and Modern Art that is not only relevant to the current local art scenes but also the international art world. Art Is believes that by being more mindful of these basic fundamentals in art materials, methods and applications related to the individual field of Art study will inevitably bring you closer to a clearer understanding of these approaches in art. With this comes greater competency in amplifying your individual artistic styles by being visually sensitive and self-aware. This self-awakening makes it possible to bring about new insights not just in personal perception but also in art now, art thinking and art topics that are significant to the current arts scene.

Art without Basic Art Foundations is ignorant expression. Expression without understanding is soulless noise inevitably masquerading as personal styles of art, although individual in nature these styles lack artful maturity leading to superficial works of art that are visually insensitive. Often these personal styles are mistaken and confused with individual creativity or imaginative talent. Art Is Gallery introduces to you artists whose artworks greatly illustrate the importance and effectiveness of a firm visual literature through proper Art Fundamentals leading them to better understand, discover and develop their natural individual strengths in creative expression.

Structured learning of art practices, methods and materials in art education is a necessary journey in promoting self awareness and a meaningful visual culture. Methodologies that employ these systematic and academic approaches should never be viewed as rigid education in art but as a clear and concise reasoning benchmark against personal styles and perspective in art, culture and life.

Art Is Gallery embraces individual expression without compromising the development of skills and techniques required to discover your personal perception of art. Art Is lessons expound the ideology of Basic Art Fundamentals before style.

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