Art guide to Singapore contemporary classical realism art classes and academic studio practice in Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting advanced academic fine art curriculum art lessons.

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Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

Art Is Gallery & Artist studio's fine art base curriculum art courses help bring to light the pure and natural intuitive artist in all of us. Art lessons take a broader perspective building on modern art materials and methods in both contemporary visual art and classical Realist Art schools and at times learning new ways of seeing from various traditional visual art styles and classical art cultures helps Art Is academic courses develop and improve our Art practices. Only with these new and improved art applications in Basic Fundamentals of Realism in hand will we be able to truly and intimately understand the relevant art mediums and methods in visual art education. Art Is Gallery expands and develops your visual sensitivity towards a a vibrant world of art and life that is constantly evolving without thinning or diluting your individual aesthetics.

Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires your Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

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Fundamental Realism Art Courses

No prerequisite.
Anyone with an interest in developing proper fundamental skills in drawing and painting. No background in art is required.

No trial lesson needed.
Our greatest testimonial lies in all the art showcased.

Over 20 years in the making and still evolving, our unique and revolutionary approach provides a great experience for you to reach your full potential. No more need to be said as our guarantee is seen in every piece of art, beautifully crafted by many who are free from previous art backgrounds.

All of us are natural born artists, instinctively creative and naturally talented.

Art Is Gallery and Artist Studio from Singapore offers Foundational Art Courses that will broaden and simplify your understanding towards Art learning. Art classes in Charcoal Drawing and Oil Painting cover essential Basic and Advanced Art Fundamentals relevant to art approaches, methods and art materials, eventually leading to Art lessons related to the fields of Art study in Watercolour Painting, Mixed Media Art, Installation Art and Hyper-realism. These Art classes form the next pertinent course of Art Beyond Fundamentals.


In Person Sessions


$198 for 4 classes
(Excluding materials)


Progressive and customised
to each individual's pace.

Commencement Dates

Every Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Time Slots

Wed: 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Thu: 2.30pm - 5.30pm, 7pm - 10pm
Fri: 2.30pm - 5.30pm
Sat, Sun: 2.30pm - 5.30pm, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

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* Lessons are exclusively by appointment only. We do not take walk-in enquiries.

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Online Zoom Sessions

Type Duration Fees Time Slots
Group Session 3 Hours $198.00 for 4 sessions Wednesday 2.30 pm - 5.30pm
Thursday 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 2.30pm - 5.30 pm
Sunday 2.30pm - 5.30pm
One-to-One Session 1 Hour $198.00 for 4 sessions Email us to check availability
Art enrichment course. Showcasing Singapore contemporary classical art academic studio practice in Charcoal Drawing and  academic fine art curriculum fundamental art classes. Coursework No.1. Artist: Xinlin

Charcoal Drawing Lessons

Drawing Essentials

Learning to draw with Charcoal enables you to amass the essential and broadest field of Art applications both in Basic and Advanced Art Fundamentals which requires using intuitive sensitivity towards Tonal Ranging, Sizing and Visual Depth Sensibilities.

Life-long learning art class. A look at visual arts centred on basic fine art oil painting classes academic studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture Coursework No.9. Artist: Karen

Oil Painting Lessons

Painting Essentials

Oil Painting more than any other wet medium opens up a greater understanding relevant to Painting in Colour due to its dexterity in allowing the Artist to engineer not only its drying time but also various paint layers so as to maximise competency in Colour Ranging.

pen art. Art short courses for all ages. Adult art class in Singapore. Artist: Lai Khai Jin, Celeste

Pen Drawing Lessons

Lines and Likeness

Pen drawing helps to focus on developing tonality through continuous line making. Most importantly the relationship between continuous line making and movement encourages a better understanding of adapting the form naturally through constant observations of tonal changes.

NAFA certificate oil painting course intermediate lecturer Raphael Koh. Visual arts centred on fine art academic foundation art classes in Watercolour Painting Artist: Lin QinYan

Watercolour Painting Lessons

Realism In Watercolour

See the world through watercolour, explore these brilliant techniques exclusively from Art Is studio and uniquely local. Art Is Art lessons in Watercolour Painting expand on this foundation and takes a natural colourful journey for a masterful insight into the Art of Watercolour Painting that enlightens your visual culture transforming your mindful thoughts into a vibrant world of art.


Beyond Fundamentals Art Courses

Prerequisite: Completion of any one of the Fundamental Realism Art Courses.

Art guide to academic fine art curriculum advanced art lessons in Hyper-realism art studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture Artist: Alessia Levonique

Hyper-Realism Art

Hyperrealism - An in-depth fine art study

Art schools of thought in Naturalism, Classical Realism and Realism feature predominantly an emphasis on the real. Art Is Gallery relates to these schools of ideology not only in its non-visual philosophy but also in subject matter, methods and art materials. Our art lessons build on the emphasis on these influences in Basic Art Fundamentals and Foundations in Art and improve on them making Art Is Art courses effective in expanding your repertoire of skills and techniques for a indepth study of art, culture and life. From these studies Art is takes you further into your Art development and emerging within the contemporary art stage by introducing Hyper-realism to artists in training who have completed Art Is's Basic Fundamentals. This natural process towards Hyper-realism elevates the Art of the real to a place where the reality of life and the reality of art blends together to pay homage not just to the powerful and transformative nature of the techniques in the making of art but in unearthing the inseparable beauty between Art, Culture and Life.

Student Artwork - Charcoal Student Artwork - Oil

Abstract Art Artist: Alessia Levonique

Abstract Art

Painting Styles - Painterly through Abstration

Student Artworks

Art guide to academic fine art curriculum advanced art lessons in Mixed Media art studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture Artist: Alessia Levonique

Mixed Media

Material studies - Methods and Manipulations

Contemporary Mixed Media Art is an acquired understanding that covers a extremely broad spectrum of accumulated art methods and art materials from the Classical right through to the current day Modern Art think and art world. In present prevailing art scenes where subtle relationships in visual depth is paramount, visual literacy of art materials and techniques is key to forging a realistic perspective of a convincing and relatable art piece. These visual correlations forms an essential chrysalis for creating emotive and responsive Art not only to the Singapore contemporary art stage but also to the international art stage as well. Art Is Art classes in Mixed Media Art promotes this visual literacy by encouraging artists in training to Intuitively integrated layers of surface manipulations thus creating a piece of Art that is cohesive, fluid and illuminating.

Student Artworks

Art guide to academic fine art curriculum advanced art lessons in Installation art studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture Artist: Alessia Levonique

Installation Art

The Theory of Time through Transcendence by the Tapestry of Things

Experiencing Contemporary and Modern Art and Culture through Art Installations engages us in manner where all our senses are usually stimulated, our sense vision, smell, touch, hearing and sometimes even taste. All these if engaged artfully becomes an integral and necessary aspect of an effective and engaging Art Installation. Art Is Art lessons in Installation Art is a cumulative and progressive journey from our early Basic, Advanced Art Fundamentals right through to our Beyond Fundamentals Courses which will grant you proficiency in visual culture.

Student Artwork

A look at basic art classes in Singapore art space and art culture from a modern realist school of thought relevant to contemporary mixed media art
Comtemporary Mixed Media (Work in Progress)
Singapore Modern Artist: Alessia Levonique

The Featured Art aims to reveal the natural artist in all of us. The art lessons focus on the natural way to draw and paint by revealing our earthly intuitive abilities to express ourselves through Art. From the Realist school of thought comes improved methods and art materials in contemporary Drawing and Painting Fundamentals. Anchored in the schools of Naturalism, Classical Realist and Realism Art these integrated methodologies between traditional classical arts with prevailing advancements in modern art technologies, techniques and art materials helps bring to light sensitivity towards visual mindfulness leading to better individual pictorial literacy pertinent to current local and international art scenes.

The Art featured is reflective of the academic techniques and methodologies explored, executed and express within a systematic and structured course syllabus.

It also presents a view of the importance of the need to have a firm understanding in the fundamental approaches of art making.

A look at visual arts centred on basic fine art oil painting academic studio practice art classes in Singapore contemporary arts scene, art space and art culture
Comtemporary Classical Realism Oil Painting (Work in Progress)
Realist Painter: Mok

Future contemporary art practitioners who aspire to stay relevant to modern day art and culture must stay empathetic in our ever changing and at times visually insensitive world. Mindfulness should be practice in order to better understand the use of art materials, the applications of art methods and conceptualising art methodologies. Art Is Artist Studio exposes artists in training to the complete essential basics of Charcoal Drawing and Oil Painting first before allowing individuals to progress further Into Art Beyond Fundamentals.

Art Is Studio's Art Beyond Fundamentals brings to you Watercolour Painting, Hyper-realism, Photo-realism, Mixed Media Art, Installation Art, Art Is regards these Art Techniques as being more advanced art materials ,mediums and methods. However most people are unaware of these Art techniques being firmly grounded in style base art education. Thus, Art Is feels that artists in training should acquire a strong acumen during Art Is fundamental basics in Charcoal Drawing and Oil Painting before attempting to develop these other advance style base fields of art study.

Showcasing Singapore contemporary classical art space, art culture and arts  scene in basic Charcoal Drawing classes base on an academic fine art curriculum
Comtemporary Classical Realism Charcoal Drawing (Work in Progress)
Realist Painter: Xinlin

Art Is seeing, sight is a natural ability not a talent, drawing what you see is a mindful art, learning to draw and paint is an acquired taste, an acquired understanding of life skills and art techniques that will unearth our natural abilities to reveal the beauty and wonderful world of Art in everyday life and culture.

Art Is believes that we are all Artists, Art is in our nature, we have always been making art one way or another, our natural abilities in expression, our individual perceptions and tastes of life and art, all just waiting to be shared. Only with the right attitude and techniques will we be able to express ourselves eloquently.

If we chose to..............................................
a mindful choice to discover Art in everyone, Art in life and life in Art.

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