Art in Nature

Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

Nature and Lfe are the greatest curators of art. They are the most effective art teachers, art is everywhere and all around us. If only time was taken to breathe, ventilate and soak in everything that is already inherent in all our surroundings, you will discover art exists in the simplest of places or in the most unlikely environments. It also can appear amidst the chaos of life or in the intricacies of social situations. Be it in the past, present or future, art is prevalent on all levels constantly evolving and growing but at times also stationery. Art Is Studio presents to you a sharing of each individual perspective of art in nature, aspects of life through their journeys and documentation. A visual diary of nature's moments seen through eyes of different unique individuals. Art is all around us, all of us are artists in training.

Art Is original art is for sale as well as our fine art prints. Email for enquries about our academic fine art courses or artworks.

Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires our Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

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