Art beyond boundaries, a Singapore art guide to showcasing a blend of visual art now in the everyday life and various art disciplines and art styles from Renaissance to Classical Realism techniques right through to Experimental art in Mark making, Drawing, Painting, Collages, Material studies, Photography and Abstract art that are base on academic fine art curriculum art studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, visual art space and art culture

Art Is Beyond Boundaries

Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

Art is always moving, pushing artistic boundaries and crossing creative borders. In our contemporary and modern societies lines between art, culture and life are indistinguishable, visual realities are blurred, emotional elements and belief systems overlap creating a wonderful world of art, a new aesthetics, definitive and distinct. Yet these contemporary art movements defy any form of labels or titles. Art Is Gallery examines this pictorial and psychological paradox and seeks to bridge this visual arts culture by drawing mindfulness towards these diverse yet fundamentally linked visual disciplines.

Art Is original art is for sale as well as our fine art. Email for enquries about our academic fine art courses or artworks.

Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires our Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

It always starts with a blank page.

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