Charcoal Drawing classes, an art guide to showcasing visual art now in realistic Charcoal Drawing academic fine art curriculum both in basic and advanced art lessons base on Contemporary Classical Realism techniques in Still Life Drawing, Portrait Drawing, Hyper-realism art, Experimental art and Abstract art studio practice in Singapore contemporary arts scene, visual art space and art culture

Student Artwork Charcoal Drawing

Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

The appreciation of Art through Drawing lies in the very essence of mastering the techniques involved in Charcoal Drawing. Art Is Art lessons in Charcoal Drawing both in Basic, Advanced and Art Beyond Fundamentals provides the essential acumen for Fine Art art education.

From the Realist school of thought comes improved visual art methods and art materials in contemporary Drawing Fundamentals, anchored in the schools of Naturalism, Classical Realism and Realist Art.

The Art featured in this page displays the patiently executed, highly detailed artworks created during the relevant course of academic art study.

Art Is original art is for sale as well as our fine art prints. Email for enquries about our academic fine art courses or sales of artworks.

Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires our Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

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Latest Charcoal Drawing Artwork

Still Life


Bird Nest



Life Drawing


Partial Drawing

Blind Drawing