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Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

The wanderlust of life and Art's wanderlust often crossespaths and becomes wonderfully interwoven. Take this journey with us at Art Is to discover these blending of moments and the transformative nature of Art in life. Discover how life, art and culture is meticulously drawn together into a collage of images and life's experiences creating a wonderful world of art journals.

Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires our Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

Art Is frowns upon and discourages one off art sessions that promotes only fleeting moments of inquisitiveness and sometimes misinformation. Art Is Artist Studio encourages and embraces simple but progressive learning of art that leaves a more permanent imprint. Art Is looks at long term continued art education as a clear benchmark for discovering confident self expression and art appreciation in life.

Art is everywhere, Art is everything, Art is in everyone and everyone is an artist. Take this step to set free the natural artist in you and unearth the Art of seeing Art in everyday.

Art Is

22 Sin Ming Lane,
#06-87 Midview City,

Singapore 573969


Visit by appointment only, limited opening times and days.

Art Is welcomes any enquiries about our Art and Art courses. As we are a private and professional art studio we value the conduciveness of our Art classes and the lesson proper given to the artists in training, in order to provide the best environment and the least possible distractions please fill up the form or email us to make an appointment If you have any more queries or would like to view the studio for a clearer picture.

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We are not an open studio. Visit by appointment only, limited opening times and days. Strictly no walk-in.

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