Art Is Exhibitions

Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

Art Is exhibitions feature Contemporary Art that carries a unique blend of Naturalism, Classical Realism and Realism influences with that of Modern art developments, techniques and art materials in present day art scenes. At Art Is, these collage of ideas and methods come together using skilled art Fundamentals to relate to our Contemporary art, trends and culture. Insightful and attentive, these patiently executed and highly detailed pieces of art created during Art Is courses in Art lessons ranging from Charcoal Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolour painting , Hyper-realism, Experimental and Mixed Media Art, will unearth your natural abilities and reveal the intuitive artist in all of us.

Our Art journeys brings Art to your life,
life inspires your Art.

Art Is Gallery and Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.