Is there a prerequisite for enrolment?
No there is no basic requirements needed.

Are the courses for beginners?
Yes. Our courses are especially effective for beginners.

If I have an art background or have graduated from an art institution, do I start at a different level?
No. All individuals who enroll will start at the same level.

Is it a structured syllabus or do we get to choose our own subject matter?
Yes our course syllabus is very structured and the individuals will have to follow what is set for them.

Do we work from still life setups?

Do we get to work from other visual references other than still life setups like photographs?
You will only be allowed to work from other visual references once you have completed the basic fundamentals.

What are the courses can I choose from?
You can only choose from our Charcoal Drawing Fundamental or Oil Painting Fundamental.before progressing to more advanced painting styles and mediums.

Why can't I just go straight to abstract art?
At Art Is we believe that having a strong foundation is very essential in developing a good understanding of the different art styles thus Charcoal drawing and Oil painting provides the basic fundamentals.

What are the fees?
The fees are $180 for a block of 4 lessons.

Are the fees refundable or transferable?

Does the fees include materials?

Can we purchase the materials from the studio?
Yes you may purchase them from studio the upon request.

Is there an option to buy the materials on my own?

Is there a material list that we have to follow?
Yes there is. The list will be provided upon request. Please note that if you choose to purchase materials on your own, you have to strictly follow the course material list.

How long is the duration of each lesson?
Each lesson is 3 hours.

How long does it take to complete each artwork?
Lessons are customised and tailored to each individual's progress so it varies from one person to another.

When can I move on to the more advanced courses?
You are only allowed to progress to more advanced curriculum after you have completed the basic fundamentals of Charcoal Drawing or Oil Painting or Pen Drawing.