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Is Art Is studio an open studio?
Does that mean I have to pre-book the lesson slots?
Yes and wait for our confirmation email or text before attending.
Can I drop by and take a look?
Yes. Viewing is also by appointment only.
Is there a prerequisite for enrollment?
No there is no basic requirements needed.
Are the courses for beginners?
Yes. Not only our courses are especially effective for beginners, they are also suitable for long-time art practitioners.
If I have an art background or have graduated from an art institution,do I start at a different level?
No. All individuals who enroll will start at the same level.
Is it a structured syllabus or do we get to chose our own subject matter?
Yes our course syllabus is very structured and the individuals will have to follow what is set for them.
Do we work from still life setups?
Do we get to work from other visual references other than still life setups like photographs?
You will only be allowed to work from other visual references once you have completed the basic fundamentals.
What are the courses can I choose from?
You can only choose from our Charcoal Drawing Fundamental, Pen Drawing Fundamental or Oil Painting Fundamental before progressing to more advanced painting styles and mediums.
Are there any other courses available?
Yes there is. Our home page lists all the available courses.
Why can't I just go straight to abstract art?
At Art Is we believe that having a strong foundation is very essential in developing a good understanding of the different art styles thus Charcoal drawing, Pen drawing and Oil painting provide the basic fundamentals.
What are the fees?
The fees are $180 for a block of 4 lessons.
Does the fees include materials?
Can we purchase the materials from the studio?
Yes you may purchase them from the upon request.
Is there a material list that we have to follow?
Yes, please check Art Materials page.
How long is the duration of each lesson?
Each lesson is 3 hours.
How long does it take to complete each artwork?
Lessons are customised and tailored to each individual's progress so it varies from one person to another.
When can I move on to the more advanced courses?
You are only allowed to progress to more advanced curriculum after you have completed the basic fundamentals of Charcoal Drawing or Oil Painting or Pen Drawing.
How many lessons will it take to complete the basic fundamental courses?
The number of lessons varies from each individual as our lessons are tailored to the progress of different individuals.
Is there make up lessons for classes missed?
Cut off date for make up lessons is 4 weeks from first lesson of the block of 4. E.G. First lesson starts on WEDNESDAY, the make up lesson has to be before the 4th WEDNESDAY. This is subject to the availability of slots. If there are no available slots then lessons will be considered missed. Make-up lessons can only be given if you give us written notification.

A student has to bring back his/her artworks and belongings when he/she ends the course. If a student ends the course without informing the studio, the studio has the right to dispose of any his or her artworks and belongings as deem fit.

*Art Is reserves the right to amend these studio rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.

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