Art Methods

Art is Simple. Art is True. Art is Real. Art is Life.

Art links the mind and the soul.

Art is a natural progression of life and life is a natural expression of art.

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Our Art journeys bring Art to your life, life inspires our Art.

Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio brings to you Art and Life.

Art Method

Art Is Studio learns and appreciates the methods and art movements of old to bring to mind fresh ideas with new insightful perspectives by combining age old traditional techniques with modern and contemporary understandings of materials and mediums.

Slow before Fast

At Art Is we treasure time, time taken to observe, time taken to collect and compare visual information, time spent on digesting details to describe definition.

Too Much Too Little

Too much emphasis is on speed in completing the artwork and not enough on quality and skill through proper time spent on observing, discovering and describing.

Too much emphasis is on ideas and conceptualization without understanding the true importance and nature of proper techniques, methods and materials. These techniques are like the grammar in any language, without correct grammar then the language of expression is incoherent and ignorant.

At Art Is we know it is important to embrace and treasure the time taken to understand and undertake the processes needed to better build the grammar of these techniques and methodologies. Every stroke is like a single alphabet, every word a different tone, each sentence brings to you elements that makes up an object, each paragraph an object and collectively all these becomes a story to tell, a picturesque coherent insightful image.

Art Is Studio believes that slow is the way to being fast.

The Artist in All of Us

Many have claimed to able make you better artists. Art Is Studio do not lay claim to something that is already inherent in all of us. Art Is hopes only to bring to light our abilities in expressing and creating by revealing the natural artist in all of us. Art Is Studio is here for anyone who is willing to try and take that step in discovering Art and Life, everyone is already a better artist just by trying.

Beginner and Beginner

Our course syllabus is extremely structured yet flexible enough to allow individuals to progress and develop at their own pace.

As each individual ( artists in training ) is considered to be a beginner regardless of any prior art background or not, everyone gets to start on a clean slate.

This just means that if you are a true blue novice and feeling a bit apprehensive, taking this step just helps you unlock and discover your personal voice through the natural artist in you. And if you are already a practising artist looking to expand and broaden your repertoir, our course curriculum will reveal to you fresh perspectives and also add on to your current strengths and skills.

Realism Rationale

It begins with a single intuitive look, a natural gaze in observation, a look at realism in art at it's most elemental, straightforward and unambiguous manner. This direct observational approach leads you to a picture taken with our very own eyes, the image of a still life captured by nature's inherent lens. This key intrinsic act of absorbing visual information is elementary to derive a crucial structured reference through realism in details and definition with an unbiased perspective free from personal perception and tastes.This will in turn lay the proper progress foundation providing the right grammar both in technique and language relative to the correlations between the link with the objects perceived and the necessary methods and materials used in describing them.These essentials (grammar) guide us as a directional compass unbiased in its perceptions in the course of all the drawing and painting techniques from realistic right through to abstration and even installation art. Art Is Studio believes that this directional compass in art must be anchored and laid on the correct foundations thus providing us with an impartial and honest understanding of expression of art and life, otherwise our perspectives will be impaired and extremely bias giving rise to a narrow viewpoint that is devoid of objectivity which is ignorant and indulgent in its execution.

Still life, setups and drawing what you see

Working from still life setups enables the artists in training to Intuitively develop within a clear, concise and controlled environment free from distractions and variables while offering the artist instructor a common ground for discourse and discussion with the artists in training.

Tailored Setups, Tailored Objectives

A well thought out still life setup plays a pivotal role not only in bringing to light the necessary steps and stages in the technical development but also establishes a proper tone and pace that is crucial to each individual's independent progress. Art Is Studio employs key elements in its use of still life to promote a better comprehension of the materials used relevant to the subject matter perceived. Lesson objectives like intuitive sizing, ratio and proportion, texture and tone, visual depth perception, methods and materials are designed around each still life setup to deal with specific objectives in mind at the core curriculum level before progressing to more advanced level objectives.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Thousand Clicks Does Not Make A Painting

Many have disputed the need to describe and depict an image with such clarity, precision and engineered details that it leaves little to the imagination, a picturesque photo gallery of life and art. As such one might suggest just taking a picture rather than going through the different developmental stages of layered textures and tone of creating an image with remarkable exactness that it nearly mimics life and art. Well, snapping away with a thousand clicks does not make a painting, it does not offer a glimpse into the intricacies involved with developing an artwork from a blank canvas to it's finishing touches as a masterpiece. The intimacy between the artist and artwork does not happen within seconds, it occurs through time taken to comprehend the techniques engaged in drawing, painting, mixed media all through to installation art. These explorations and discoveries will heighten our sense of awareness, focus and sensitivity towards visual mindfulness leading to a betterment not only as an artist but as a person.

Many have also discourse upon the notion that entering a skill base methodology undoubtedly hinders an individual's creativity and personal voice, if this was so learning grammar to better express ourselves eloquently will most likely do the same. Art Is Studio likens the acquiring of these techniques to the education of language through proper use and comprehension of grammar and so similarly learning the basics in drawing, painting and the various approaches in art does not alter an individual's personal perspective but instead provides a firm foundation to better express ourselves eloquently and effectively.

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